Barnwood Park and Arboretum

Moth Surveys

'Moth Mornings' are held regularly in the Arboretum during the summer months. Moth traps are set up the evening before in neighbouring gardens. These consist of a light that attracts the moths to enter the trap, which is filled with egg cartons. The moths settle in the egg cartons and become sleepy. In the morning, the moths inside the trap can be identified and counted before being released unharmed into the environment.

Whilst there are about 60 species of butterfly in the UK, when it comes to moths, there are over 2,500 species. The process of identification is a very skilled task as you can imagine, as differences between species can be subtle.

'Moth Mornings' are enjoyable and interesting. People are usually astounded by the beauty and variety of the different moths inside the traps. Because the moths are sleepy there is ample opportunity to examine them closely and take photographs before they fly off. 


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