Barnwood Park and Arboretum

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Putting up Bird Boxes

In November, Ron and Richard put up an additional nine bird boxes in the Park and Arboretum. This is the right time of year for this particular job as it gives the birds time to survey potential nesting sites before the Spring. Ideally, the boxes should face north east. This means that they are not in direct sunlight and are sheltered from the prevailing south west winds that bear rain.

Grazing Animals - what has happened to the sheep??

Sadly, the sheep we anticipated arriving in October will not be coming . This is because the person who usually supplies us with sheep has been unable to help us due to ill health. We are exploring other options for next year and are hopeful of success.

However the five Dexter cattle who left in September did a wonderful job of reducing the vegetation without damaging the environment that sustains the small mammals, insects and plants that live in it. 

For more details about grazing see 'Meet the Grazing Team'

Goodbye to Justin

Justin Hobbs has moved to work for Cotswold District Council. For many years, in his role as Tree Officer for Gloucester City Council, Justin offered valuable support to the Friends Group, often going above and beyond what was required. We have benefited enormously from his considerable knowledge and expertise so are very pleased that he will continue to join us as a volunteer, from time to time.

Justin on left with Ron and other members of the Friends Group

Justin has sent this message:

All the years working with FOBA and seeing the transition and improvement of the Arboretum and the Park has been one of the most rewarding and pleasing parts of my role at the City Council. I have so many fond and happy memories of working with Ron, Elaine and all the Friends, you are a truly inspirational group. The Friends have achieved so much and I'm sure they will continue to make Barnwood Arboretum and Park the amazing and special place it is - Gloucester's hidden jewel, or rather its crown  jewel!

News 2021

1300 Bulbs Planted

A group of Friends planted 1000 daffodil bulbs on the bank at the Church Lane end of the Balancing Pond. The bulbs were given to us by Gloucester City Council. The Tenby Daffodil is the original native daffodil of Britain as seen by the poet William Wordsworth. It is much smaller than modern hybrids and can be left to naturalise, as it has done for hundreds of years.  

A further 300 Tenby Daffodil bulbs were planted in the Arboretum by the Reception Class of Barnwood Primary School. We are extremely grateful for their help and impressed by the speed with which they learnt to get the bulbs the right way up!

Work Session November

At the recent work morning, Friends completed the task of laying wood chippings on the path around the Arboretum. This ensures that the path remains accessible and mud free. In addition, more 'bramble bashing' took place to keep areas clear and prevent the bramble from overwhelming all the other vegetation. A never ending task!

Green Flag Award

On 14th October it was announced that the Park and Arboretum have received the Green Flag Award 2021. In their feedback the judges commented on the major role of the Friends Group in managing the site and also on the innovative use of cattle and sheep to graze the arboretum. Well done everybody!

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