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Let grass grow for the bees and butterflies!

No Mow May, Let it Bloom June, Knee High July......

Across Gloucester City, look out for butterfly signs where grass is being left to grow to help butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. Leaving grass to grow boosts the number of wildflowers that pollinators can feed on and this in turn supports a wealth of wildlife. Even grass left to grow for just a month allows short grass flowers, such as daisy and clover, to flower in profusion and boosts nectar production an amazing tenfold.

Work Morning April 2022

We had our last planned work morning of the season on a sunny Saturday in April. From now until the Autumn we will be sitting back and enjoying the fruits of our labour. We will be holding some events, however, such as the Big Butterfly Count and the Play in the Park so look out for those. The session used the time and energy of 18 volunteers to lay chippings on paths to keep them accessible. As in the photo above, chippings were laid along the top path in the Orchard which had become particularly muddy. Wildflowers will be coming through in the centre of the Orchard so it is important that people can use the path and not trample on the young plants as they emerge. In addition chippings were laid on some of the Arboretum paths.    

Work Morning March 2022

Work was done to tidy the flower bed in the park which is looking much better as a result. In addition the willows along the brook were pollarded again to ensure that their prolific growth doesn't overwhelm everything around them. The logs from the damaged horse chestnut were moved to the main path so that children will have more 'stepping stones' to play on and there is now a chipping path in the orchard where it has been so muddy lately.These jobs all add to the amenity of the park and are in keeping with its Green Flag status making it a safe, beautiful place that is cared for.

News 2021

Work on the Flowerbed

A group of the Friends have been working on the flowerbed near the Church Lane entrance to the Park. This was planted in 2016 with perennial pollinator friendly plants instead of the annuals that had grown there previously and was part of a strategy to support bees butterflies and other important pollinating insects. See the Flowerbed page on this website for information about how and what plants were chosen.

This year it was decided to do some clearing of those plants that have been taking over. This has been done and new pollinator friendly plants and shrubs  have been planted to fill the spaces created.

Tree Damage in the Arboretum

Storm Eunice brought down two large branches from the Horse Chestnut tree in the Arboretum. The two branches forked from one of the several main stems of the tree and the fork became weakened as a result of water gathering in it. Some damage to the nearby Mulberry tree was also sustained but both trees have survived. The large branches were cut into pieces and the debris removed.

In flower again in April

Path Improvements in the Park

A long stretch of the footpath in the park has been resurfaced by Greenfields, thanks to a £3000 grant the Friends applied for last year from Gloucester City Council's Neighbourhood Environment Improvement Fund. The footpath through the park suffered significantly from the Covid restrictions - social distancing combined with increased footfall - so the Friends Committee felt this should be our priority and would benefit all park users. We are currently looking for funding to complete the job!

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