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Events and News 2021   

She stoops to conquer by Oliver Goldsmith was performed in the park by the Rain or Shine Theatre Company on Saturday August 7th 2021. It did rain and the sun appeared briefly. A great time was had by all and we look forward to next year's performance.

Frogs arrived in the wildlife pond in the Arboretum at the end of February half term week 2021. 

Work sessions started again in March 2021 when we coppiced willows, removed the epicormic growth from the lime trees in the park and began work on the pollinator friendly flower bed that has been neglected for a year due to Covid 19 restrictions. If you would like to volunteer with us see below.

Volunteering to help at our work sessions

Now that Covid restrictions have eased we will be able to meet as a large group for work sessions this autumn (2021). However, we would appreciate it if anyone new who wants to join us would email first. 

 Please use the "Contact us" facility or 


Many people were concerned about the number of rats by the water in the park last year. The situation appears to have improved over the winter and we are grateful to people for not feeding the ducks, so depriving the rats of their main food source. Ducks do not need human food and some of it (especially bread) can discourage them from eating the natural food in the water that they really need. The numbers of ducks in the park decreases dramatically in the spring and summer as most of them go away to other sites to look for safer nesting places. But they always return and often bring ducklings!

See our new page Tree of the Month from June 2020.

We are very proud to announce that the park    and arboretum have received the 


for 2020/21

A big thank you to everybody who has helped to achieve this award.

          Grazing animals

The five Dexter cattle that arrived in the Arboretum in late July left on the 14th September. Their departure was tranquil in large part due to the husband of one of the Friends, who it turns out has prior experience with cattle.  During their stay with us, the Dexters did a wonderful job of reducing the vegetation whilst still retaining the habitat for all the plants, insects and animals that live in it. We look forward to receiving the sheep in October.

For more details about grazing see 'Meet the Grazing Team'

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch  29 to 31 January 2021

 We were not able to meet as a group for the Big Garden Birdwatch this year but encouraged everyone to do the Birdwatch in their own gardens. See the Birds page for recent sightings.

In December 2019 we put up 13 new bird boxes that had been donated to us for the park and arboretum. 

  Children from Buttons Kindergarten standing in front of the daffodils they planted by the Church Lane entrance to the park.

As well the Green Flag Award, we were extremely proud to be declared a winner of the


in 2016 and 2017

This was a new Award that was presented to Green Flag Award or Green Flag Community Award winning parks and green spaces that had made improvements to encourage pollinators. For further information

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