Barnwood Arboretum & Park

About Us

 The 'Friends of Barnwood Arboretum' are a group of local residents who are passionate about the area where we live. We work in partnership with Gloucester City Council on the management and development of Barnwood Park and Arboretum.  

 As a voluntary group we are able to apply for grants for specific projects. Several years ago we started looking for funding to create a wildlife pond. Gloucestershire Environmental Trust  awarded us a substantial sum to cover the cost of creating a pond in 2013. The pond was completed in 2014 but developed a leak so was repaired/reprofiled in 2016.

We hold about 10/11  “ work mornings”  a year to plant and maintain new trees/hedges, erect fences, clear weeds/brambles, plant bulbs and wildflowers, lay chippings on the paths and put up bird and bat boxes. Work mornings are usually on a Saturday but we do organise some mid-week sessions. We also hold family events (e.g.the Big Garden Birdwatch, the Big Butterfly Count) as well as some that are of interest to people who are not able to take a physically active part.





'Friends' are always welcome.  To become a Friend of the arboretum, contact Elaine or Ron on Alternately go to our contact page or just turn up at one of the work mornings.

There is no charge to join the Friends group, but to keep costs down we prefer to keep in touch by email wherever possible.


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