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Barnwood Arboretum is a local nature reserve within Barnwood Park and belongs to Gloucester City Council. The arboretum has many mature trees and unimproved grassland, providing habitat for birds, insects and small mammals. The grass is managed by grazing Dexter cattle in the summer and rare breed sheep in the autumn/winter.


The Friends of Barnwood Arboretum are helping to develop and maintain the site and plant new trees as well as creating a wildlife pond.



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The Friends of Barnwood Arboretum are celebrating the completion of a wildlife pond that has been created thanks to grants from the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust Company  and Gloucester City Council.

We have been planning for a pond on the site since it was suggested by a wildlife expert in 2009. She convinced us that a pond would increase habitat for wildlife in the Arboretum. We researched the feasibility of creating a pond here in discussion with Gloucester City Council officers, the Environment Agency and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. We are grateful to them all for their advice and support and especially to the Gloucestershire Environmental Trust Company for the bulk of the funding, which has enabled us to complete the project.

According to the Million Ponds Project, 50% of the UK’s ponds were lost in the 20th century and 80% of those that remain are in a poor state. Ponds support two thirds of all freshwater species so creating new, clean ponds is one of the simplest ways to protect freshwater wildlife.

Barnwood Arboretum wildlife pond has been fenced to keep out grazing animals and dogs, which would disturb the habitat. The pond will be left to develop naturally for the time being. Dragonflies were seen laying eggs soon after the pond was completed and we are excited to report that there was a significant amount of frogspawn in the pond this spring that have evolved into frogs.

The Arboretum & Park are situated on Church Lane, Barnwood, Gloucester. GL4 3JB

 The Arboretum is open from 7am & closes at 4.30pm October to March and 7pmApril to September.

Barnwood Arboretum location plan 

 You are invited to join the Arboretum Volunteer Team!  Give your time, gain new skills, and make new friends.  

Although gardening experience or plant knowledge is a plus, absolutely none is required.   Volunteers are the great strength of our organization.

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For some time now, people have been trying to photograph one of our rare residents in the park.  Now John Woodbridge & Nick M.  have been successful on the same day.

More pictures in the picture gallery.

Of late, an Egret and a Heron have been regular visitors.

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